Import/transfer Sony A7/A7R AVCHD MTS files to iMovie on Mac


Import/transfer Sony A7/A7R AVCHD MTS files to iMovie on Mac

“My company just purchased the Sony A7 camera, I have used it recorded some vivid videos. The problem is I can’t get Sony A7 recordings to iMovie on Mac. I’ve set the video type to 1080 30p but still nothing. Any ideas on how to fix this?”

The Sony A7/A7R records and outputs video in the AVCHD format, which is mostly used by Sony and Panasonic cameras and camcorders. However many people do have problems in importing/editing them in iMovie. So how to solve and make your A7/A7R AVCHD/MTS file compatible with iMovie on Mac.

If you cannot import Sony A7/A7R AVCHD/MTS video to iMovie for editing on Mac, you need a powerful Sony A7/A7R Video Converter on Mac to convert Sony A7/A7R AVCHD/MTS video to AIC codec MOV format for iMovie firstly, then you can import Sony A7/A7R files to iMovie to share or edit.

How to convert and import Sony A7/A7R files to iMovie on Mac?

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Step 1. Load Sony A7/A7R AVCHD/MTS videos

Connect Sony A7/A7R camera to computer via USB cable and transfer videos to computer hard drive. Run Sony A7/A7R AVCHD Video Converter and click the “Add Files” button to load Sony A7/A7R AVCHD/MTS videos.

Tip: You can add your Sony A7/A7R AVCHD/MTS video by drag-and-drop. And the software has a feature of previewing and playing your Sony A7/A7R video files. Simply select a file which you want to preview in the Source File area and click Play button, you can also take snapshot at will to store the image you like.

Step 2. Destination Setup

After you finish video source setup, you can select your preferred video format from the “Output Format” drop-down menu. Here we choose AIC MOV video, and click the output button to specify a directory on your computer to save the output files.

There are various format/bit rate/screen resolution options in the Setting window. Different file formats result in different video compression rates. Bit rate refers to the number of bits processed per unit of time, the larger the number, the more bits processed and the better the quality. Resolution refers to the number of pixels handled by the device display.

Step 3. Start Conversion

To start converting, click the Start button and the AVCHD converter starts transcoding Sony A7/A7R AVCHD/MTS to MOV for editing in iMovie.

After the conversion, it is easy to edit recorded videos in iMovie together with other videos and images. The Sony A7/A7R converter also supports the videos from other AVCHD cameras or camcorders like Sony RX10 for editing movies in iMovie.

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