Install Flash Player on Android tablet/smartphone


Install Flash Player on Android tablet/smartphone

Q : Can I play Flash on Android devices? Who can give me a Android Flash solution? Can I install Adobe Flash Player on my Android tablet and smartphone? I got a Kindle Fire HD and a Galaxy S4, I can’t view Flash web sites with Galaxy S4 and Kindle Fire HD, it’s a pity. Can I install Adobe Flash Player on Galaxy S4 and Kindle Fire HD.

A : Yes, you can install Flash Player on Kindle Fire HD and Galaxy S4. After installtion the app on Android devices, you will can visit Flash web sites on Android freely.

Adobe decided to kill off support for its Flash Player on Android devices a while back. But, many web sites still using Flash. We can’t enjoy the Flash web site on our tablet and smart phone. So what can we do if some of the web sites you want to look at are using Flash and your new Android device doesn’t have support for it? Yes. We can install Flash Player on Android devices.

Note: Users are advised that the flash player does not work with Chrome! You can download Firefox.

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NB Adobe Flash Player is not officially supported and therefore the speed of loading of Flash objects in HTML pages is not guaranteed at the highest levels. However, as tested, Flash Player behaves well with satisfactory results.

How to install Adobe Flash Player on Android tablet and smartphone?

The last version of Adobe Flash Player that landed on the Google Play Store, and this app can work with your Android device. However, since it’s no longer available through the Play Store, you’ll need to install it from a side-loaded APK. This means that someone exported their copy of Flash Player and uploaded it so you could install it manually. Let’s download Flash Player for Android.

Step 1: You’ll want to check if side-loaded apps can be installed on your Android device. To do this, simply open the Settings menu, then go to Security and make sure that Unknown Sources is enabled. You may see a warning about third-party software, which you will need to accept in order to continue.

01: Flash Player – version
02: Apk of Flash Player – version 11.1-111115012:
03: Flash Player – version :
04: Flash Player – version :
05: (NEW 14/05/2013) Flash Player – version :

You can download Adobe Flash Player to your computer, then transfer the downloaded Flash Player to Android sd card. Or you can free download Flash Player on Android tablet and smart phone directly.

Step 2: Install Flas Player using File Manager. Click “Install” to start installing Flash Plarer on Android. It’s so simple.

Step 3: Start the Browser

Now you can continue enjoying those websites that are stubbornly sticking with Flash.

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