How to get iTunes on Android Tablet and Smartphone?


How to get iTunes on Android Tablet and Smartphone?

Can I install iTunes on Android devices? Last week, I got a Galaxy S9 I have tried several times to download iTunes to my Galaxy S9 with no luck, wether I try to run or save and run the result is the same the surface tell me this couldn’t run on this system, and I was to try the appstore, when I tried the appstore there was no results for iTunes. Please in simple steps tell me how to install the iTunes on Android tablet and smartphone.

More and More popular Android  Tablet and  Smartphone  walk into our life. How to make maximum use of the Android devices? Game, Music, Movies, Internet and shopping. If you are movies fan, you may like watching hot movies on Android tablet (Google Pixel C, Galaxy Tab S4, Kindle Fire HD 10,  Galaxy Book, Huawei MediaPad M3, Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus, etc) and smartphone (Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9,   Google Pixel 3 XL,  LG G7 ThinQ,  HTC U12 Plus, Nokia 9, Vivo Nex, Oppo Find X, etc).

iTunes is is used to play, download, and organize digital audio and video on personal computers running the OS X operating system and the iOS-based Apple devices, with editions also released for Microsoft Windows. How to install iTunes on Android? iTunes doesn’t have Android version, Android can’t run iTunes at ll. So, you can’t install iTunes app onto any Android devices.

We can’t play downloaded iTunes movies and TV Shows on our Android device, why? FairPlay, as a DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology created by Apple, is mainly used to encrypt iTunes contents, including movies, TV shows, music videos, apps, ebooks, etc thus to prevent anyone from copying and sharing the medias to others. To put it specifically, FairPlay DRM protection restricts iTunes users to use purchased movies and TV episodes on Apple’s software and devices only other than non-Apple digital media players. Worse still, for users who rent movies from iTunes Store, they only get 30 days to watch the films and 24 hours (in US) or 48 hours (in other countries) to finish watching once started. If you want to play iTunes on Android, you need a best iTunes to Android Converter.

How to play iTunes movies and music on Android?

iTunes media files were protecting by DRM, especially the iTunes movies. Even though you transfer iTunes movies to your Android device, you can’t play it. Many syncing software can sync iTunes to Android tablet and smartphone. But, these softwares can’t remove DRM protection. How to play transferred iTunes movies and music on Android?

For playing iTunes DRMed files on Android. We can use M4VGO to remove and convert iTunes M4V video/M4A music to all the Android smartphone and tablet.

Top iTunes to Android Converter – M4VGO

M4VGO aims to help you make movies and music purchased through iTunes store free for different uses. Besides, this top iTunes to Android Converter is able to convert iTunes video and music like M4V, M4A, MOV, WMV, MP4, etc. to many other commonly used formats, which makes it possible for you to freely enjoy the iTunes medias on almost all Android multimedia devices, such as Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, Xperia XZ2, Kindle Fire HD, Galaxy Tab S3, Nexus 10, Huawei MediaPad M3, Sony Android TV, etc. Without authorizing.

Free download iTunes to Android converter. Run it, below is a simple guide for you. For Mac user, you can free try our iTunes Video Converter for Mac.

Free download iTunes to Android ConverterFree download Mac Version HD Video Converter

How to convert iTunes media files for Android device?

Step1: Click “Add Files” to add iTunes files to this best  iTunes to Android Converter. You can drag and drop iTunes movie or music to the software.

How to get iTunes on Android Tablet and Smartphone?

Step2: Choose output video or audio format.

For converting iTunes movies, you can click “Format” bar to choose output video format. You can choose MP4 format under “Common Video” column.

For transcoding iTunes music to Android, go to “Common Audio” then choose “MP3” as output format. This software will help you convert iTunes music to MP3. You can play MP3 on Android tablet and smartphone well.

iTunes to Android Converter interface

Tips: If you wanna get much better image quality, you can set the video bite rate and video resolution. But notice that the output file size will vary based on video bit rate.

Step3: Click convert button to start iTunes media files to Android conversion

Step4: After conversion, you can click open icon to get converted files. Transfer the video or audio to your Android devices via USB cable. Now, you can play iTunes on Android without installing iTunes on Android tablet and smartphone.


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