Transfer and watch Blu-ray on LG G Pad

The LG G Pad, sporting a 8.3-inch screen, front and rear cameras, HDMI output, a dual-core processor and Android 4.2.2, is easily the best competition Google’s Nexus 10 has ever seen. Moreover, the LG G Pad tablet supports 1080p HD video playback with 1920 * 1200 capacitive display, which will bring you an exciting movie enjoyment. But we can’t play Blu-ray an DVD on LG G Pad directly, what should we do?


Watch Blu-ray movies on LG G Pad The following guide will mainly show you an easy way to convert your favorite Blu-ray movies to LG G Pad supported video formats for playback using a powerful Blu-ray to LG G Pad Converetr. Just simple clicks, you will can play your Blu-ray disc on LG G Pad with subtitle and HD resolution.

Blu-ray to LG G Pad Converter will be your perfect choice, which can easily and quickly rip Blu-ray movie to H.264 MP4 format compatible with LG G Pad with high quality. To adjust video resolution as 1080P to fit the LG G Pad’s HD screen is also supported.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to rip Blu-ray movie to LG G Pad H.264 MP4 format and then tranfer the Blu-ray movies to LG G Pad for playback with high quality. This Blu-ray Ripper is the Best Blu-ray ripping software in 2013, you can read the Best Blu-ray Ripper Reviews here. First, you need to free download LG G Pad Blu-ray Ripper.

Convert Blu-ray to LG G Pad  Blu-ray to LG G Pad Converter

How to convert Blu-ray to LG G Pad best video format?

Step 1: Run Blu-ray Ripper as the perfect Blu-ray to LG G Pad Converter, and load your Blu-ray movie files into it.

Blu-ray to LG G Pad Converter

Step 2: Choose LG G Pad best video format

Just follow the below to get the Lg G Pad video format: Click on “Format > Common Video > H.264 Video (*.mp4)”. This foramt is the best video format supported by LG G Pad and other Android phone/tablet.

Convert Blu-ray to MP4 for LG G Pad

Tip: If you want to play 1080P movies on LG G Pad, you can choose HD H.264 MP4 video under “HD Video” category. But you will get a big video file.
You can click “Settings” button to select output video size for your LG G Pad.

Notice: If you want to use the settings for next time without resetting it again, just click on “Save as” in the profile settings windows. A window will pop up where you could rename the video format as LG G Pad H.264 Video (*.mp4) or others you like, as well as make comments for the G Pad format you set. What’s more, you can easily choose the LG G Pad video format from the Custom category of the “Format” for next use.

Select the subtitle language you need from “Subtitle” option. Or, you can check “Only show forced subtitles” to display Blu-ray main movies on LG G2 with its forced subtitle.

Step 3: Start the Blu-ray movie to LG G Pad conversion by clicking on the “Convert” button on the main interface of the powerful Blu-ray to LG G Pad Converter tool. You will get the converted movie files from its default folder by clicking on “Open” within a short time.

Step 4: Transfer Blu-ray movies to LG G Pad for playback via USB cable.

That’s all! Hope the guide on how to watch Blu-ray on LG G Pad will be helpful!

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