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Transfer Blu-ray movies to Galaxy Tab S3 for playing on the go

Have you bought a new Android tablet to browse the websites, play games or watch movies? Many people have an Android tablet, not long ago Samsung released the new Galaxy Tab S3 tablet which attracted a lot of fans and users, the Galaxy Tab S3 has many useful features so it is recommended Android tablet to buy. Read More


How to put Disney Blu-ray movies onto Galaxy Tab S3?

It’s no surprise that kids love tablets. Although Galaxy Tab S3 is bigger for their little hands, but also great for keeping child entertained for hours with their favorite Disney Blu-ray collections. However, as we know, it it is popular for Blu-Ray discs to come with a digital copy, making it difficult to transfer the Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab S3. In this case, we are here to provide all parents and even grandparents with some tips and ticks for putting all Blu-ray movies into Galaxy Tab S3, for watching on-the-go. Just follow it! Read More